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Importance of driver education- compliance with traffic laws and regulations as a foundation for safe and responsible driving. current road and safety issues, speed, impaired/distracted driving, emergency vehicles. compliance with traffic control devices as a foundation for safe and responsible driving, circle check, inside check, various gauges and meters, their locations, and how to use them properly. safety/communication, and visibility devices. safe and proper observation skills


-“Move over protect us all”- Toronto police services

-“Sign, signals, and road markings”- AAA foundation

Day # 1

Day # 2

How to observe? active attention, shoulder check, mirrors, peripheral vision, visual search and scanning to detect potential hazards, safe and responsible vehicle control, steering control, seating positions, starting and accelerating, speed control, de-celebration, and braking, parking brake, parking, changing direction and lane changing, turns, highway and freeway driving, urban and rural driving


-“Driving skills for life”- provided by Ford

-“Using your eyes effectivly”- AAA foundation

-“Managing space and time”- AAA foundation

-“Smith system of space cushion driving”

Safe and responsible handling of the vehicle under various conditions. stopping positions, braking falling distances, speed for various conditions, traction, hydroplaning, types of tires, proper tire inflation, safe and responsible to avoid collisions, factors that effect driving driver risk perception, decision making process, anticipations, predict possible solutions, making appropriate decisions, evaluate whether or not to drive, making multiple decisions quickly


-“Bad weather driving” AAA foundation

Day # 3

Day # 4

Accurate assessment of driving, environments and road conditions, controlled emotional reactions related to driving, peer pleasure and driving, positive driving attitude, driving is a privilege not a right, demerit points, driving courteously, responsibly, and informed decision making. Safe and responsible response to emergency situations, scene of a collision, leadership in promoting safe driving- being a safe, respectful, and responsible driver, caring, and empathetic towards other road users, avoiding road rage. Respect for the environment, as it relates to operating a vehicle, fuel efficiency, mandatory emissions testing, co-operating driving, sharing the road, respecting other road users, and proper communication with other road users, safe and responsible actions related to impaired driving, managing driver distractions.


-“Auto smart” (teaching fuel efficiency) Government of Canada

-“Drivin’ to distraction” Canada safety council

-“i-Drive” serco des

-“Braking point” MADD Canada

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