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To have the permission to drive is one of the milestones in one’s life as it gives the individual the independence to be mobile and travel independently. To be eligible to drive in Ontario, without any restrictions, you need to have a G license.

Obtaining a G license involves

  1. Applying for the G License

  2. Pass the eye test

  3. Pass a written test which tests your knowledge of traffic rules and practical driving tips,

  4. Finish two learning levels: G1 and G2 and

  5. Pass two road tests.

In this posts our experts, based on their experience of training thousands of drivers and helping them qualify the G exams, provide tips on how to pass the G exam the first time you take it.

Practical and usable tips for passing the G exam


Sufficient practice is essential to take and pass a driver’s road test. For every new driver, it takes time and practice to get used to being behind the wheel. Ask your driving school, or find a driving school nearby, to assist you in practice.

Make sure you practice on everything you are likely to be tested for during the G exam like 3-point turns, parking under various scenarios including parallel parking, uphill and downhill parking and reversing while parking.

It is a good idea, once you know where the G exam test would be conducted, to get familiar with the area, its speed limits, the various signs, zebra crossings, school areas, etc.

Know your vehicle Thoroughly understand the vehicle you would be using to pass the exam. Pay special attention to things like the rear and side mirrors, buckling your seatbelt, check the working of signal lights and turning the stereo or radio off. It is also a good idea to review and practice hand signals until you are confident in using them.

Pay special attention to speed limits, road signs, and potential hazards Generally the driving test will be completed on the roads that are very near to your testing site. Make sure you spend time driving around the area and are fully aware of the speed limits, turns, road signs, zebra crossings and any potential driving hazards. Soliciting the driving instructor’s help in studying the area around the testing site is a good idea.

Overcome nervousness and be confident

Make sure you practice enough so that you are not nervous when you are taking the test and be confident. Nervousness is paid close attention to by all examiners during a driving test.

Learn to pay attention to the examiner’s instructions

Pay strict attention to the examiner’s instructions. You can learn this by getting your driver instructor to do some role play where they become the examiner and act as if they are taking your exam.

Using turn signals

Whenever making turns you must use turn signals. While changing lanes also use turn signals as that would ensure you do not lose any points on the road test.

Focus on the road

While practicing and during the test focus on the road as it would help you tackle any unexpected events that might occur and take your mind off any nervousness you might have.

The best tip to pass your G exam is to enjoy the training, practicing and taking the exam process. Pay attention to the points mentioned above and you will have no problems passing the G exam and becoming a fully licensed driver. Check out our programs available at our Driving School in Toronto


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