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One of the areas that are frequented by drivers are the suburbs of big cities like Toronto, Canada. Though the rules for driving in the suburbs are the same as those for normal driving; we at Pioneer Driver Education, one of the best Driving Schools in Toronto, pay special attention to ensure that our students are aware of the nuances of driving in the suburbs of Toronto and other cities.

Priority focus areas when driving in Toronto suburbs

Based on research done by the team of driving instructors at Pioneer Driver Education, a premium driving school in Toronto, some of the focus areas which we advise our students and new drivers to follow when driving in the suburbs or residential areas are

  1. Do Not Drive Above The Speed Limits
  2. Whenever driving in the suburbs or residential area be vigilant about the prescribed speed limits and obey them. While driving on the roads in a residential area a driver is expected to be in full control of the vehicle they are driving while remaining within the speed limits.

  3. Follow The Parking Signs
  4. Every street in the suburbs has strict parking laws. It is best to use the driveway for parking. However, if that is not possible ensure that the vehicle is parked in a designated parking area keeping in mind that parking is not allowed on all roads in the suburbs.

  5. Follow Rules At Crosswalks
  6. A pedestrian at a crosswalk always has the right of way – stick to this rule when driving in the suburbs. Slow down at the crosswalks and allow the pedestrians to cross before putting your vehicle in motion.

  7. Be Careful In The School Zones
  8. Speed limits are greatly reduced in elementary and primary school areas during certain hours. Therefore, keep on the lookout for school areas and follow the speed limits for safe driving as steep fines and penalties are levied in case a driver is found to be over the speed limit in these areas.

  9. Watch Out For School Buses
  10. Another thing to keep a lookout for are, school buses which you are likely to encounter when driving in the suburbs. Keep your distance from the school buses and pass them only on a road that has a passing zone. If you see a school bus flashing yellow lights, the vehicles behind the school bus need to slow down, as the bus is about to stop. Do not pass a school bus flashing red lights.

  11. Be Careful Of Children Playing On Roads

Whenever you find children playing on roads, vehicle drivers need to slow down to ensure that the road is cleared before moving your vehicle forward. Use the horn if the children do not notice the vehicle you are driving. Value of human life is paramount, therefore drive slowly whenever there are people around the roads.
While driving in the suburbs drivers have to ensure they are in full control of their vehicle, would be able to quickly stop the vehicle in case of emergency and be considerate to everyone.

For more tips and safe driving advice get in touch with Pioneer Driver Education: the best driving school in Toronto.

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