Day # 1

  • Get Your Driving License in 2 Weeks(If qualify).
  • We are not cheap, but our rates are reasonable.
  • The rates does not matter much. What matters is what were you taught during the lesson and what did you learn?
  • Certificate recognized by the insurance industry for discount purpose.
  • Established since 1988.
  • Easy payment plans.
  • The services and quality of instructions are its possible best.
  • We teach logically and scientifically.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded.

Importance of driver education- compliance with traffic laws and regulations as a foundation for safe and responsible driving. current road and safety issues, speed, impaired/distracted driving, emergency vehicles. compliance with traffic control devices as a foundation for safe and responsible driving, circle check, inside check, various gauges and meters, their locations, and how to use them properly. safety/communication, and visibility devices. safe and proper observation skills


-“Move over protect us all”- Toronto police services

-“Sign, signals, and road markings”- AAA foundation

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