Day # 3

  • Get Your Driving License in 2 Weeks(If qualify).
  • We are not cheap, but our rates are reasonable.
  • The rates does not matter much. What matters is what were you taught during the lesson and what did you learn?
  • Certificate recognized by the insurance industry for discount purpose.
  • Established since 1988.
  • Easy payment plans.
  • The services and quality of instructions are its possible best.
  • We teach logically and scientifically.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded.

Safe and responsible handling of the vehicle under various conditions. stopping positions, braking falling distances, speed for various conditions, traction, hydroplaning, types of tires, proper tire inflation, safe and responsible to avoid collisions, factors that effect driving driver risk perception, decision making process, anticipations, predict possible solutions, making appropriate decisions, evaluate whether or not to drive, making multiple decisions quickly


-“Bad weather driving” AAA foundation

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